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Corrugated cardboard, 25" wide and as tall as you'd like your light Spray paint Yard stick Box cutter Glue gun Pendant light cord (this one from Ikea is only $5!) Step 1: Start by spray painting one side of the cardboard. Let it dry thoroughly and turn the cardboard painted side down. Step 2: Mark the cardboard at 5-inch intervals lengthwise with the box cutter. On each mark, make a vertical cut with the box cutter so that the top side of the cardboard is cut but the bottom side remains intact. Step 3: Lay the cardboard flat again and cut it into strips lengthwise by tracing along the yard stick with the box cutter. Step 4: Once your strips are cut, hot glue the ends of each strip together (painted side in) so that you have pentagons. Then begin making a staggered stack with the pentagons and securing them in place with hot glue. Step 5: Finally, cut a solid pentagon out of cardboard for the top of the pendant. Cut a hole in the top just wide enough to fit the light socket snugly. Secure this to the top of the pendant with hot glue, and light it up!
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This is so awesome! It looks expensive when in reality its just cardboard?!
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Cheap and chic! Can't get better than that!
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This is such a fun creative idea!
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Sweet! Something to do with all those boxes now.
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waw 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
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