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strand of globe lights (Target has bunches) plywood 6-inch wide aluminum flashing jigsaw drill, screwdriver bit, and 3/4″ bit tin snips screws wire stripper electrical tape screw cap protective gloves Put on your gloves! Lay your plywood out and draw your arrow design. Across the back of your arrow, screw in a piece of plywood as a cross-brace. Plan where you’d like the bulbs to be on the arrow (we cut out paper the size of our bulbs to be able to experiment and move it around). Mark lightly with a pencil and drill a hole on each mark with a 3/4″ drill bit. Unscrew bulbs from the strand of lights and push the sockets through the holes from the backside. Measure the exterior of your arrow and cut a piece of flashing long enough to fit around the outside. Carefully mold it to the corners. Screw it in place, starting at one end and working your way around. Place screws about 2-3″ apart. Screw lightbulbs in. Cut off the excess lightbulbs and use wire stripper, tape, and caps to attach to an extension cord if necessary.
I sort of love the slightly imperfect shape of it.
What a creative idea, I love it!
This is actually really cool, I would love the have this in my room
This definitely doesn't look like a DIY project! The result is really high quality :)
I don't trust myself with plywood and cutting tools, but this sounds like a fun project.