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I admit it; I like to stick to my usual baits. Rarely do I give into the new fad lures....I just like what I like. But I saw this article and got a little curious about the feathered bucktail jigs. Anybody out there using them? I'm really only interested because I remember them from the 90s....these guys used to be a popular lure but they're dropped off. I think they could work again. Mostly, I like that they seem simple to fish: While some bass fishing techniques require a fairly steep learning curve, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to feathered bucktail jigs. You can do 1 of these 3 things really: -short hops of 3 to 6 feet - cast, big motion, followed by a long pause - steady retrieve on the surface where bass are feeding None of these techniques are too hard so I think I'll be giving this lure another try (I'm sure I had one or two back in the day....). Check out the video on the 3rd slide to see 'em in action. Anyone like these? @ryan88argo @dougjohnson I feel like you two might have used em.
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ive used them briefly along with my other jigs but dont have anything crazy special to recommend them....theyre average in my opinion