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Alright, so a couple of you have been wondering about how to find more fish in the fall, so I looked up this article. It's a good read, but the main thing is that you need to be willing to try some different things and keep trying new things. Don't get stuck doing something. You gotta try different things for 1 main reason: Bass follow shad more than temperature or flow. There are shad deep and shallow, so they're gonna move to follow both groups leading to some interesting patterns. You can fish the shallows and find fish, or you can find them hanging around deep structure where they can also feed. Make sure to consider both groups; try out different patterns; and most of all, keep fishing! You can't catch nothing if you don't get out there and cast a few lines.
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good tips. people get too used to only relying on one thing then they stop catching anything at all
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@mcgraffy yes you have to make the transition as the fall fish do
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I feel like this was a bit of a wake up call for me actually @dougjohnson @mcgraffy
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I'm ready to get on some schools I'll tell you that much.
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