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First off, make sure to fish both shallows and deep waters! You can surely find shad in both which means you'll find bass in both. Find the shad and you'll find good fishing. Still, that can be hard to do. So, I suggest trying the following locations if they're applicable to you. These areas are known for bass fall fishing on most waters! ** Seawalls— When the waters are stained or low light, bass cling to walls to know where they are. You'll have good luck here in the mornings, when roaming bass are trying to find their way. **“ Grass lines— Grass lines near deep water are awesome. They're on the border of shallows which mean shallow bass will hang here as well as deeper bass. You can get both so you're really killing two birds with one stone. ** Docks— Docks mean shade which means fish! Try it out. ** Bridges— Bass are gonna move to the shallows at some point every day, and bridges kind of bottleneck the bass into an area where you can expect them. Consistent shade means consistent fish. ** Deep brush—Sea walls in the morning, deep brush in the afternoon when fish move from the shallows out to deeper water means great fishing. Trust me!
Thank you thank you thank you @dougjohnson As always! I don't have as much time to fish or think about it these days so this will get me on the right path to begin with.
@dougjohnson do you need scanning equipment to find the deep brush
grasslines and docks for me in the fall...especially docks @dougjohnson