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Andy has been nominated for 2014 Angler of the Year, and he gave some tips about just what he things are the keys to finding bass, beyond the standard stuff (vegetation, logs, laydowns, etc.): ** Covering water quickly to locate the bass! ** Birds nearby show there's bait. Keep an eye out for diving birds and use those to locate the fish. ** Outside river bends get washed out a bit deeper and attract everything that attracts the bass! ** Flat banks shouldn't be overlooked: the shad go in here and feedy frenzies can occur in the fall.
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I never thought about targeting river bends, or rivers much at all! Great tip, thanks @dougjohnson
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@dougjohnson If this is how Andy has been doing so well I'll give his tips a shot
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@happyrock no problem ill share more @mcgraffy yeo thats what he says
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