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It can be really easy to tangle your fishing line (I just got mine very tangled this past weekend...) so I've been looking up ways to avoid it! Try these tips! 1) Practice. Even with the high-tech, magnetic braking system baitcaster reels, it takes a well-practiced thumb to avoid a bird’s nest. Even pros face them! 2) Don't make the rod too heavy. The added flip of a bent fishing pole during a hard cast could send the inner spool rotating at an unexpected, uncontrollable rate. 3) Rather than attempt to readjust a baitcaster setting with every different weighted lure, if you have the means dedicate a different baitcaster rod reel combo to each lure type. 4) When spooling a spinning reel with new line, lay the spool flat and wind on several feet of line, then open the bail. If the line uncoils like the foam snakes out of a fake peanut can gag toy, take the line off and try again with the new line spool flipped over. 5) Don’t over fill the spool with line. Loading the reel too close to the spool lip is asking for trouble. 6) Pay attention. A spinning reel should feel smooth. If there is a little tic or flap sound or feel while retrieving, look down and catch that potential pileup early. If the drag is slightly loose, pull on the line and even if the loop is down in the spool, it may slip free. Another tact is to cast it out, casting further this time and then winding back between two fingers to feel any possible remaining line issues. 7) Superlines don’t have “memory.” That is, they do not recall that they were once tightly wound around a spool and thus will straighten flat when casted. However, if you do get a small kink with braided line, pinch it hard and roll it between your fingers and it will loosen.
Good tips for a clean rod....nice.
@mcgraffy Definitely the most important tip of alL!
practice practice practice! Thats my favorite tip of all of these