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<3 ! what do you guys think of this drama? i just finished watching ep 8 !! but man~ they really should cut down time travel drama~ like,,,,,havent we had like 4? hmmmm.... Anyway! i really liked it! but then there was this part where the female lead says something like " this is so different from the history i know" and im like oh its Dr jin all over again~ =-= what do you think able the drama up to now?? whos going to watch it ? i know i am~ !
yeah! i really hope the ratings will get better!~ it is a good drama so it should~
@yukias.. love faith too but i second what you said.. it's no wonder that it's getting a low tv ratings... i just hope that this drama will do good and better until the end...
i do like the drama Faith, but its Just i find it stupid with so many time travel in this same year,i think it would just be a bit more smarter not having so many but spreading it out so its aired later,----
i like it......who cares if more time traveling...if u dont like it then dont watch it......i mean what's wrong with that.......n i havent seen Dr. jin yet soo i dont know........
It's a story of imagination  And there is no limit to the imagination, there must be something different in each story ....that's beautiful and I really like this drama
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