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That’s right, all of these awesome games are 100% free to play. Even if you aren’t big into video games, you can always try them out without having to shell out a lot of cash and some of them sounds pretty fun in my opinion. __________Dota 2 Dota is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, aka action real-time strategy (ARTS) so it can be a little daunting if you aren’t an experienced gamer, but it can be a whole lot of fun especially if you play with a few friends. There are elements that you can put real money into, but nothing required to play and honestly it’s just as fun without. __________Path of Exile An Action Role Play Game (ARPG) with a super in depth character customization options. The game features a skill web system so you have a lot of options about how you want to build your character, plus the game is constantly being updated to add more and more new content. __________Hearthstone Basically a cute fantasy-esque card game with daily rewards and bonuses that allow you to build and customize your desk. __________Smite Another MOBA/ARTS game, this time very similar to League of Legends with its free character rotation and full character line up available for real money. Unlike lol you control the character from an over-the-shoulder view instead of aerial. __________Team Fortress 2 Honestly my favorite team first person shooter (FPS) games out there. The basic game itself just involves running around with your team, trying to beat the other team, but there are a lot of hilarious capture the flag style games to play and community made content so it has a really fun atmosphere. __________World of Tanks Unfortunately I don’t know much about this one beyond the function of being able to drop into a match in game, fight until you die, then immediately drop into a new match so you don’t have to wait around for something to start or your friends to get online. __________Rift Basically your standard Massive Multilayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG for… short) but without the World of Warcraft price tag. Rift has a really cool fantasy setting and constantly updating content that make it a lot of fun. __________Neverwinter The tl;dr I always hear about this game is it’s Dungeons & Dragons the MMORPG. Has pay to play options, but nothing that will take away from the experience if you don’t have it, and it’s got some great cooperative options that I know my friends enjoy a lot. __________League of Legends As mentioned earlier LoL is another MOBA/ARTS style game with a rotation of free playable characters as well as the full line up available for a price. You can play online with random people, or by creating teams with your friends. __________Warframe Action packed third person view blend of ninjas, swords, super cool abilities, and of course awesome guns.
@Plisken555 I haven't actually played it, I guess I really should!
I was going to be pissed if they didn't have warframe lol
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