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Hello all, I want to introduce this new collection and style :) I want to write out my startup notes as I see them. If you have any questions or want to discuss any article, please reach out in the comments! :) Traction Stage Goal => find what your product will be so that it fits a demand Metric => Retention rates Volume => should be used to garner enough data Channels => Check a few but try to narrow it down to only 1-2 channels Team => 1 founding member devoting over 80% of time Transition Stage Goal => Identify, define, and understand the growth levers for your business Metric => Growth rate Volume => Start to increase the volume of user acquisition => dependent on having identified a viable channel in traction stage Channels => do not diversify -> increase working channel Team => expand a bit to include an executive level person in charge of growth Growth stage Goal => Grow, and do it a lot :) Metric => Growth rate & payback period. Volume => Throw everything at your user acquisition channel optimization => Make small changes to try to lower acq cost Team => growth team necessary
@pixiedust yes I work at a startup but these are things I read on the side
I'll admit, I was a little intimidated by the graphic, but your explanation helps a lot. Have you studied or work in startups yourself? It sounds very interesting.