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i know i'm pretty late but if anyone has missed on the show.. here it goes.. the episode starts at the playground where hedgehog is perched on the pole when panda comes searching for him. he descends and she takes his hands in hers, and asks if he's troubled because of their relationship and the sour turn of events. hedgehog(with his killing smirk) replies as to why would he be bothered by that, and asks her to let go of his hands if she's done talking (forgive me for my inputs.. but just killed the moment!!) panda in her cute panda-ish style says that she held his hands as she was overwhelmed by the macaroons he made and would do anything for him. hedgehog stomps off saying that she had told him not to make them. panda follows him and seats herself next to him. then she links her arms to his(awww....) and says she said that out of anger but she truely believed that they made a great couple(business partners.. but i would say make a great couple) and can do anything. hedgehog frees his arm saying they are no team to which panda cutely replies that they were .. she gave ideas ..and he made macaroons!! (how innocent) hedgehog :"to make money we're a couple but to play, you pair up with someone else" (someone is jealous!!) panda:"who some one else..i have no one else" at this point, won il walks in huffing at the linked arms (yes..panda linked them again) won il scoffs at panda and invites hedgehog to talk. panda tells him about won il's search of hedgehog the previous night and her driving off with him, when hedgehog reminds her that may be that was when she texted him that she was waiting for him. panda is oblivious about the texts. and demands to know about them.. panda reads out the text,and won il is perplexed. won il asks how can she send such text to anyone ,to which hedgehog says that he is just not anyone but the guy who recieves hearts(referring to panda's message with hearts) won il has a recieved a text too from panda saying "who are you to have taken my heart away".. to which donghae replies they are mere song lyrics.. won il -" i don't know much about korean songs.. but why are you sending me songs?" hedgehog to panda :"are you two timing" (Poor panda) just then the guys receive a text from panda saying she's lonely tonight(ofcourse it's dong gu..panda is right there).. when panda clears things out, she's scoffed at by donghae..who calls and yells at dong gu. as hedgehog yells at panda and walks away , panda ends up getting yelled at by won il too.. (two jealous little panda) hedgehog and his hyungs search for dong gu....and tease hedgehog about panda..won yi arrives..and hedgehog is called by pan dana to meet some advertising guys.. hedgehog gets an ad and ends up recalling his date with panda.. won il is angry that panda waited a day to tell hedgehog but couldn't tell him the previous night..won il asks if they're dating and panda refuses and won II tells her not to link arms in that case..won II offers to buy her a phone but she stomps off..(lot of stomping off!! :D) won II apologizes and says he was worried because of his mum.. hedgehog and ad guy talk business.. won II's mom is worried about the ad.. and dad suggests to use hedgehog's design.. and says they'll upgrade it.. wonII tells panda about his mom and stepdad..sad..he says that his mom said that they were business parteners(.just like panda says) and he ended up in his dad's place.. won yi and hyung see them together and suspect them.. and worry about hedgehog.. they call gi tae who's wearing panda head and mocking hedgehog.. hedgehog recieves the call and the hyung blurts out about panda and won II being together.. and hedgehog gets angry and goes to bake only to met by an irritating customer.what bother's hedgehog is the customer's name "choi won il" he thinks about the customer's 30 days dating anniversary cake!! hedgehog wonders why the two of them weren't back yet..just when then do get back..and scoffs (lot of scoffing too in this episode)....won il says that he would be back the next day to talk with hedgehog which hedgehog retorts that he could say it right then and why come again (aww.. you are so "evidently" jealous hedgehog..i wish panda was sharp enough to make that out)..hedgehog gets jealous again on knowing that panda went with won il to trace her phone.. hedgehog says he's busy the next day and won il says that he would come later..panda hesitetes in using "business parteners" in front of won il (clearly because of his mom and step dad history).. won il bids adieu to panda with their cute wave exchange.. panda links arms again with hedgehog(oh..she's gonna kill me!!) asking him to treat won il well.. and as he did so many times in this episode.. hedgehog stomps off...and panda finally realizes that she was looked down upon thrice that day for linking arms! panda tells pan dana that she won't see hedgehog's face again (common!!) donghae comes back to his room and takes his coat off (eyes glued on the screen!!) and finds his gi tae hyung sleeping per hedgehog's orders.. and asks if panda and choi won il kissed? hedgehog kicks him out of bed and tugs himself in... hyung tells him to sleep as he is getting short tempered because of lack of sleep..and just because panda and won il were holding hands doesn't mean they're together..he says hedgehog likes panda and to think about it.. hedgehog sighs in deep thought and then wonders if he has gone crazy!! panda can't sleep either .. out of anger at hedgehog (babes..that's love!!) won il asks glasses hyung if his hand is shiny?? omg.. because it was held by panda ought to be a special hand for him!! he enacts holding hands with his glasses hyung to which a employee comes and tell then not to play around as step dad is watching (that girl looked at them like i know you two want to get all cute with each other but there are people secretly gives something to somebody... won yi and pan dana discuss the two guys and panda.. panda is on a call with dong gu and making herself a sandwich..and pandana tells her to watch the store..panda thinks hedgehog went looking for the car which was more precious to him than her.. hedgehog is planning the 30 days anniversary cake but the favourite colour pink and stuff is beyond him..won yi arrives with a bang and tell hedgehog to watch the store as panda was not there..hedgehog thinks she must have gone out with won il.. panda and hedgehog arrive at the same time and hedgehog tells panda, whose eating a sandwich , to wipe her mouth (you could have done it for her..killed it!!) hedgehog comes back to his room, beats his head and scold himself for saying what he just did..hedgehog musters up courage to finally face panda.. hedgehog looks around for panda and hits the panda costume head..and a letter falls..but hedgehog does not notice.. gi tae meets cherry blossom..they discuss panda and hedgehog(everybody wants them together).. he tells her everything and grandfather overhears.. cherry blossom convinces him by saying that panda isn't someone who'll go after money.. won yi finds panda's letter and gives it to hedgehog which says she's out looking for the car and hedgehog should't belittle people!! hedgehog thinks it's a panda and sisters plot! hedgehog goes out looking for her .. aunt calls the two of them a pair of fools and she and pandana are fighting over dishwashing when the irritating customer from before comes in to check the design..while looking for the design in hedgehog's workplace they find donghae's list where he had guessed panda's favourites.. all wrong.. can you imagine he guessed her favourite snack as .bamboo!! grandpa calls hedgehog and we find panda drinking at grandpa's place..panda is all drunk and grandpa tells hedgehog to carry her home.. grandpa tells him that panda told him who she likes but goes away without telling hedgehog..who pleads...and cherry blossom bails on him too.. hedgehog smiles at the drunk panda.. but instead of piggybacking the drunk panda .. he wheels her home.. in a trolley.. or that cart sort of thing.. panda blabbers in her drunk state complaining that she's feeling dizzy .. donghae says if she wants to be which panda says that he should have done that already(you stole my words, gal) they sit on a bench..and hedgehog puts panda's head on his shoulder... and moves in to kiss her(do it!!).. only to retreat and call himself to be crazy!! (damn).. and finally piggybacks her!! next morning panda wakes up with a hangover.. she meets hedgehogbut doesn't recognize the trolley from the previous night.. she then goes to hedgehog's room and asks if his back was okay... hedgehog asks why she went to his grandpa and she says it was the most comfortable choice.. hedgehog is about to ask about the liking thing she told grandpa only to be interrupted by won il (totally wrong timing!!) won il is worried why they were coming together from the basement.. and hedgehog scoffs and stomps off..won il offers to buy panda hangover soup but she already had pandana making it for her now some bromance!! H : why should you buy her hangover soup? W: lets talk H:yes .. LETS TALK (he literally screams!!) in another room pandana tells panda that the guys are fighting over her.. panda's reaction "i haven't sobered up..because i actually thought you said they are fighting over me" LOL won il tells hedgehog that his macaroons that he had sent him were stolen..and the designs were copied by step dad.. hedgehog isn't much surprised.. panda is pacing in her room.. "why do they like me? what did i do?" pandana asks her who she likes..and panda is like i never saw them as men.. (did you really take hedgehog as a hedgehog? because he clearly did.. thinking your fav flower as bamboo flower and food as bamboo)..pandana reframes her question asking who would she like to kiss..and panda just "huhs"...pandana suggests to date both..pandana re-frames "who do you miss more and want to be with..".. and panda says "hedgehog "(and that's the correct answer..)..but panda says it wasn't even a real date.. back to the guys... H: " i hate stepdad coz he doesn't know how to bake cakes" W:"i hate him bcoz he shouldn't bake cakes" H: "are you copying me because i'm cool? is that why you like panda too" (haha..sorry for the favoritism..donghae rocks) won il suggests hedgehog should ask for a compensation from st.honore.. hedgehog suggests that instead of a compensation, why doesn't won il just give up on panda just then panda walks in with a panda costume..boys don't see her.. H: when i "publicly" make your cake, i "privately" see your face.. W: "why" H: "why?? because i want to hit you" (you must see the look on won il's face when hedgehog said that..totally sold it..) W:"aren't you being too honest" (seriously won il.. he just said he wants to hit you like everyday..and that's what you come up with) H:"act like a man" W: i want to hit you once too" H:"let's fight then" won il suggests malaysian martial arts.. H:"like i have time to learn that and then fight" they decide to fight and the loser should back off..panda overhears and in her attempt to escape trips and falls..won il helps her up and she hides her face with her hands...she does not want them to fight but as far i can see it on her face, she was pretty happy that the guys were fighting over her.. H:" then tell.. who do you like" P:"honestly .. now that you both want to fight for me ..i suddenly like you both" (omg..she actually said that) W:"you can't date both of us " (finally..some sense) panda finally decides that whosoever happens to please the other guy wins a date with her.. (SERIOUSLY... you're asking a guy to be good to his rival) hedgehog asks grandpa how to please won il.. grandpa suspects that either hedgehog has beaten up won il..or burnt saint honore down that he is looking for a way out of it by reconciliation.. hedgehog explains the situation..grandpa's expert advice " there are three kinds of rivals.. smaller than you..same size..and bigger than you.. the method is tears,.. tears will move panda's heart" H:"be clear in your words" G:"what more clarity do you want?" cherry blossoms smiles(yes miss blossom.. i gave the same smile.. men will be men... they have their own definition of romance when the don't have a idea it isn't all that difficult) on the other hands won il bribes won yi and glasses to ice cream in return of an idea to please hedgehog W:"the only way to make hedgehog happy is to let him date panda" G:"huh!! it would have been better had they fought" W:"i'm not going to panda cafe" (these two are no better than grandpa..and our leads - "birds of feather..flock together" ..both don't want to use their heads!! hedgehog is working on his cake when he finds won il staring at him through the window (won il..that look was really dubious!!) so he's here replacing wonyi as hedgehog's assistant (saying it's his vacation)while wonyi is at grandpa's hedgehog isn't easy on won il.. he throws egg shells here and there on purpose to make won il fetch them..and won il cleans after him..gets scoffed at by hedgehog..and does on sorts of chores.. while panda enjoys the scene!! (ok .. so that's your master plan to please hedgehog!! lol.. backfired!!!) hedgehog offers cake to won yi to taste..who refuses as he is clearly not happy with hedgehog working late..hedgehog says patisserie go for all nighters to make good cakes and won il thinks of his dad.. H: "did you come here to steal my cake?" W:" you want to die??"' H:"da yang..pandayang..won il's trying to kill me!!!" (ROFLing..omigosh,,,...these guys are adorable!!) panda:"i told you to be one is trying to kill the other and the other tattle tales" (panda is in command!!) H:" i was protecting won il" W:"i started it.. i came here on my own feet to assist him" (really guys!!) P:"if you continue like this i can meet a third guy" the guys promise to work hard..they call out to panda at the same time..with huge time..while panda is having fun wondering who should she like since both are so cute.. (i'm having the same thoughts..both are adorable..) next morning we have love cakes in the store!! the picky customers like them (good for your life that you did..had you said a word..i would have flown to korea to murder you personally) won il pats hedgehog's head, only to make faces behind his back (cute).. the sisters celebrate..hedgehog high fives panda and sister..he's happy won il recieves a call from glasses saying stepdad stole hedgehog's designs again..won il is sad just when hedgehog comes out.. the end first of all..sorry for getting carried away and making it so long was my first time.. and secondly, i had to re write the entire thing again due to system error.. but i love the drama... enjoy it and do tell me if you like it!! :)
ok thanks.. and will do...^^
thankyou.. i am recapping ep 8 with the help of available sub..not really fast as i'm at work..and sneak peeking..but do check it out!
@neaa... oh ok... and this is really good.. congrats on your first try...^^
i would have love to..but by the time i get eng subs, dramabeans already has it for arang.. and people read it there..i'll do for panda ep 8 because nobody gets it!!
oh... loved it loved it loved it...i love how you do recaps.. so detailed.. hope you continue to do the recaps on this drama... and could you do one of arang? it's sad that no one's recapping it..thanks again,,,^^
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