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I love adding kale or spinach into my smoothies for an awesome boost of vitamins, but sometimes the taste really bothers me. Here are 5 easy steps to making that green smoothie of yours taste significantly less green :) 1. Choose sweet ripe fruit for sweetness Pick fruits like pineapple, apples, papaya, mangoes, and strawberries for sweetness. 2. Make it thick with banana Banana will thicken your smoothie and significantly improve the texture. 3. Use spices Spices can add a nice punch of flavor that can help mask the bitter taste of greens. Many of these spices, such as cinnamon and vanilla, taste great when mixed with nut milk and greens. 4. Add nut milk Adding a cup of nutmilk per person will give you a quick burst of vitamin B 12 and vitamin D. The creamy, smooth taste of almond or cashew milk will help hide the leafy green taste of spinach and kale. 5. Add the unique taste of superfoods. Powders from goji berry or acai, for example, are tart and will give much taste to help mask the taste of the greens.
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@Nisfit thats one of my go-to smoothies!!
What else could I use for thickness besides banana? Any suggestions?
Avacado thickens and makes smoothies creamy.
@PlayboiIllinois adding ice gives a thicker texture!