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Finding your life passion isn't going to be a linear process: as you take risks, try new things, meet new people and go new places, you will be trying hundreds of new activities. Seeing 1,000s of new sights! This exploration and experimentation will ultimately lead you to your life passion. But, this time won't be a waste of time, but a time of learning! As you explore and experiment, you will come in contact with activities you might not have enjoyed otherwise. In fact, your life passion might be one of these activities that you wouldn't find without this experimentation and growth! This time can be immensely enjoyable and rewarding, so enjoy it just as much as you enjoy your passion once you find it!
@pixiedust I'm glad it could help! It really is the journey, as corny as that sounds, that allows you to find that passion. Actually, I don't think it would work if you found your "passion" on the first go, because you wouldn't know what else you don't like.
This is so reassuring and helpful! I think very often that people who haven't found what they're passionate about feel like every second they spend not finding it is wasted, when really it's just as you've said @onesmile. The journey to find your passion is an important part of the process and you won't get anywhere unless you're willing to take it!
@onesmile oh bring on the corniness, it's right up my alley! But all joking aside I really do agree, the journey is what makes it. I think it's also about finding your passion, exploring it, and then moving on to new passions as your grow and change! It's a never ending process!