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Honey bee high speed close ups + dubstep = an awesome video! Watch it with high volume and full screen for the best effect. Not only was this really cool to watch (how did he get so close?!) but I also learned a lot about honey bees. Honey bees are a really important part of our gardens, homes and lives, and I really knew nothing about them before this video. Now, I know just a little bit more.
Oh, I just love Honey bees! This is amazing!
@danidee They really don't sting as often as we remember as kids, I think :) Or, we just stop disturbing them as much so the stinging becomes less often.
I like bees! I used to get stung all the time as a kid, but I've been lucky the past few years.
@honeysoo Something about the music, I think! Still. Bees are pretty amazing
This video was so dramatic!