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The National Institute of the Korean Language (NIKL) announced it has submitted an official request for KBS to change the incorrectly spelled official Korean title of ‘Nice Guy’. A representative for NIKL confirmed with enews on September 7 it had submitted an official request on September 5. The Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won-starring drama originally left its Korean title misspelled as director Kim Jin Won explained in the past, “The lead character describes himself as a nice guy but in reality he is using another person’s love for his own love and is a bad guy who is only out for revenge. We [purposely misspelled the title] for sarcastic reasons.” The Korean title is currently spelled 차칸 남자, but the correct Korean spelling for ′nice′ is 착한. However, the fact it is airing on KBS which, in the past, has made a public emphasis for its programs to use the Korean language correctly has drawn criticism from the public as many have called on the drama’s title to be revised. The NIKL representative added, “We believe broadcasts should strive to use the correct form of the Korean language. In particular, KBS has agreed with NIKL in the past to use the Korean language correctly. Recently, through the Hallyu rise, our dramas have been increasingly exported abroad but incorrect usage of the Korean language such as in Nice Guy’s title could relay the wrong information to foreigners.” The representative said it doesn’t believe the revising of the title would change the story or meaning of the drama and called on KBS to make the change as a public broadcasting station.