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* Superboy and Robin * Tim Drake Robin and Superboy have a really awesome, really real friendship that you can see in the comics or in the DC animated series Young Justice. In case you aren't familiar Superboy is angsty teenage clone of Superman, while Robin is the protege of Batman. The two compliment each other really well, making jokes, fighting bad guys, and talking about real problems. * Green Lantern and Green Arrow * GL is a member of the Green Lantern Core which basically makes him a space cop with a law abiding attitude. Olly on the other hand is a super liberal billionaire playboy with a thing against organizations like governments or even the Justice League having too much power of the people. That sounds like they'd be totally at odds but they compliment each perfectly, GL showing Olly where rules are necessary, and Olly showing GL how to unwind and have fun. * Green Lantern and The Flash * Quite honestly GL, Olly, and Flash should just be considered the OT3 of the DC universe. But GL and Flash have their own special connection too. But even saying that is a misnomer because both GL and Flash are characters where the title gets inherited. Even though the people are different, the friendship endures. Unlike GL and Olly who have a relationship of opposites, GL and Flash are more like buddy cops running around fighting crime. * Booster Gold and Blue Beetle * Booster and Blue are the pranksters of the Justice League, think Fred and George Weasley if you know Harry Potter at all. Their friendship is really deep (as seen in Young Justice) and they support each other, while still running around being joking idiots. * Batman and Superman * The ULTIMATE brOTP, Batman and Superman's friendship is so famous even people who've never read or watched a single superhero anything know them and know they're friends. Superman is, well, Superman. Super strong, super fast, and totally lawful and good. Batman is a billionaire genius with a plan for everything. And together they're an unstoppable force!
One of my boyfriends in college and his best friend were literally Batman and Superman. A bromance so strong I literally cringed hahaha
Aww man, you name it, love Marvel Comics to death, but DC had always been my home. I like some of Images' stuff like Invincible. First comic I ever read was the "The Death of Superman" storyline collected hardcover from the local library, I was 9 years old. That was when I decided Superman was my go-to hero. How about yourself?
New to vingle, just glad it had something to scratch my fanboy itch if you know what I mean;-)
@liverpul not sure what you mean but that's cool dude c:
di you hav pictures of computer games? i so like it
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