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● Baywatch One of the most viewed shows of the 90’s, which isn’t really surprising given the leading actors Pamela Anderson and David Hasslehoff. Baywatch held a lot of action and simple heroism that was always enjoyable to watch. ● Star Trek: The Next Generation The incredibly successful science fiction drama that took place about 70 years after the original series. TNG had an array of characters, and interesting plots that presented hard questions about society and morality. The show was action packed and enjoyable for children and adults. ● Law & Order Thoroughly formulaic but addictive, Law & Order was a favorite in my family growing up. The whodunit always had my family guessing. ● ER A new crisis every night and a cast you fell in love with over and over again, ER always had my heart racing in the best possible way. ● The X-Files Another sci-fi classic, and one of the first to use the “monster of the week” format that’s spawned a generation of shows. It was surprisingly funny and thought provoking as well. ● Fraiser A hilarious combination of high brow low brow humor that kept audiences rolling in their seats. ● Fresh Prince of Bel-Air The classic “fish out of water” scenario, but instead of the big city Will feeling lost and alone, it’s his high class relatives who didn’t know how to handle his boisterous attitude. Fresh Prince was always funny, and surprisingly touching. ● Friends Do I really need to explain this one? This show defined humor and friendship for an entire generation growing up with it. ● The Simpsons The longest running animated show on television, The Simpsons was the perfect blend of funny, poignant, powerful, and absurd. ● Seinfeld What I think made Seinfeld such an iconic part of the 90’s was that is was about nothing. Nothing at all. It had a bizarre sense of humor and unique characters that made it thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Honorable Mentions: ● Beverly Hills 90210 ● Dawson’s Creek ● Home Improvement ● Sex and the City ● Beavis and Butt-head ● Everybody Loves Raymond