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This video inspired me to stop feeling like I don't have time to do more than my 9-5 job in a day. Now that the back-to-school rush has happened, I find myself with less time to spend on my little hobbies. I love teaching, but I also wish I had time to enjoy a few more hours of every day. As the days get shorter and shorter, so do the number of things I spent my time outside doing! This man works his job, skis, bikes, plays with his dog, sees his friend, and edits it all into a spectacular video! If he can find the time to enjoy each day beyond the 9-5, I think we all can (even if we don't do it as dangerously. Sorry, skiing just isn't for me!)
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Makes me want to go skiing even though I've barely stepped foot in snow before haha Thanks for sharing @greggr
@onesmile I am curious as well; I don't know if I could manage this as a teacher! @flymetothemoon Yes, when you do just relax for a weekend without getting outside at least a little bit the weekend always feels a bit regretful doesn't it? @nokcha I will pass on the skiing, but let me know how it is!
Just got back from a nice long Saturday morning walk! You dont realize how much time you spend inside in an office until you go outdoors for a while. Feels good!
that was a nice intimate look into the life someone who knows how to live. some of the clips were so surreal it was almost like watching a video game cut scene. 100 likes and beyond.
@BryanCrappell Yes indeed! It'd be great if we all found a way to live with this much passion (not necessarily all as on-the-edge!) Like you said, it felt unreal!