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For a few years now, I have felt more and more like I read many books each year, but never manage to remember the contents or the value of what I learned. Did I enjoy it? Who was that author? Oh, I don't remember that happening! I spoke with a colleague about these questions I was having, and she suggested to me that I start to use Goodreads to track my reading. Now, I have used Goodreads before: I often use it to make lists of what I own and what I want to buy, but I find the features to actually mark progress somewhat lacking, and I don't manage to record all the things I read. It might be convenient, but I don't find myself wanting to keep it up to date. Another friend suggested I try his way: he keeps a pen-and-paper book journal. What you can keep in this journal is entirely up to you, but he likes to records his initial reactions to a book, the author, when he read it, and any other tidbits he knows he will appreciate remembering later, even if its not completely related to the plot of the book. I think I appreciate the idea of book journaling, and will begin keeping one from the day I finish my next book! My current goals: - Record the obvious: title, author, date, etc. - Mark favorite quotes (with pages, if I'm feeling enthusiastic! I already underline within my books, though...) - Mark authors' names in the journal if I want to read more of their work after finishing the book. - Review the journal every three months or so to see how I've been reading, and if my tastes are becoming boring (who wants to read all non-fiction, all the time? Not me!) I've heard others use these books to also keep track of the diversity of their books and of their authors; something I might incorporate later on! How about you? Do you use Goodreads, a book journal, or just your mind to keep track of what you've been reading?
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I love the picture you shared @greggr do they really sell ones that are already set up for this? For someone like me I spend way too much time deciding what kind of info I should track and never actually track it so if the journal decides for me that would be so much more helpful!!!
My mom has an intense journal where she writes her own mini reviews. I am much too lazy so unfortunately I forget much of what I read unless it makes a huge impact on me.
@AgentCory Different types of recording will work better for different people--maybe goodreads is the right one for you! Try both, and decide! @onesmile They do indeed; check them out! @caricakes That is dedication! I, like you, only have strong memories of those that impact me personally (which is one of the reasons I think I need to start keeping this journal...).
This was very helpful. I am unware that I have this problem till now. Any how I will start this for my current book itself. Thank you
@SatyaChaitanya I hope it helps you get even more out of the joy of reading!