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A duet of singer and actor Seo In Guk and A-pink’s Jung Eun Ji recently ranked first on the K-pop chart on Billboard. On September 7, Seo and Jung’s duet, titled “All For You” ranked first the K-pop hot 100 chart, according to Billboard. The duo sang the duet for tvN’s series Reply 1997, in which the twosome appears as a couple. The song is arranged from the original one by the group Cool in 1990s. Causing a sensation all over the world, Psy’s Gangnam Style ranked second after five week’s ranking no. 1. Heo Gak and JiA’s “I Need You” ranked third, Kara’s Pandora ranked fourth. and G-Dragon ranked fifth.
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did you try viki?
yes...But Nothing!! =/
I think i saw some people post online video link here
Yes...Thanks... I found it with english sub =)
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