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Have you discovered Maya's Daily Meds yet? The Darkest Night - Click This is today's Daily Med Mayas Daily Meds - iTunes and soon Google Play "In the midst of the deepest darkest night, act as if morning has already come." - The Talmud Isn't Imagination reality's magician? - Rich Okun Is reality created from how we act? Isn't cause and effect really backwards in fact? We react and then think that what happens is cause. But that just may be putting a truth on pause. When giving thought, to how it operates, reality’s effect is what thoughts activate. Spiritual or material? Isn't it the same? Our evolution is serial, to go back from where we came.
Hi Pixidust - yes many people use these little vignettes as daily inspiriation adn miditation -= that is why it is called Maya;s Daily Meds (Meditation/medicine) thank you
Thank you piciedust.
This is a beautiful poem. I'm very curious about this app, it sounds like a daily inspiration type of thing which is right up my alley.
@pixiedust its a free download with one meditation per week or you can upgrade for 99 cents to everyDay a different med. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you
@richokun oh I get it, that's such a creative idea!