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Chill Playlist

I love to drive and listen to music. I explored the depths of the internet to find of the most beautiful songs out there and put them all in a playlist. After a while of driving in total Zen I decided to share it with the world. Enjoy
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Ah man I need to join Google Play for this :/ Could you post a track list for me?
@pipeline yea sure : Shudder (Gxnxvs Remix), Sanctuary - Koan Sound, Hazey - Glass Animals, Aldgate Patterns - Little People, Next Year (RAC Remix), Tourniquet - ASA, Emmanuel - BASECAMP, The Hour - Giles Lamb, Eminence Grise - Little People, This Time Around - Koan Sound, Gold Dayzz ( Maribou State Remix), Cocoa Hooves - Glass Animals, Rydia - BASECAMP, Cold Clam - Letherette, O E A (Tape Outro) - Lapalux, Zimbabwe (Flume Remix), Tremors - SOHN, Flip - Glass Animals, Soon It WIll Be Cold Enough To Build Fires - Emancipator, Bloom - ODESZA, Toes - Glass Animals
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