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The Lifetime network is making a Christmas movie about the Internet meme 'Grumpy Cat', and Aubrey Plaza from the TV show "Parks & Recreation" (the actress behind my eternal spirit animal, April Ludgate) has signed on as Grumpy Cat's voice. Pardon my teenage girl, but I can't even right now. I haven't been this excited for a Lifetime movie since they reran that movie from the 70s where Sally Field had multiple personality disorder. (Don't judge.)
@AgentCory @Sjeanyoon I can't trust that it's going to be the best movie in the world but I definitely have to go see it!!
I can't help it, I'm excited for this!
@redridergirl Hahaha, I still need to watch it. My sister has Lifetime and I think she DVRed it for me, so WE SHALL SEE.
I watched it. Cute cat. Bad movie. Still couldn't tear myself away from such a bad flick. Oh Grumpy Cat you mesmerized me!
@danidee same XD
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