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wearing the huge round nose pin for bridal is also a beautiful tradition 4 pakistani culture what do u all say i am still thinking on the fact if i shd or shdn't wear a huge round nose pin or na on my wedding anyways it does look beautiful on some girls including my mom so mb i will give it a try lol credit to the owner 4 the pics
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That is really beautiful!
Is there a particular reason they are worn? I think they look really beautiful!
These are stunning!
I jus love the drawing in the hand,jus discovered its meanin a month ago and I think its a beautiful thing....
thankuu everyone thanks sooo much i appreaciate it @hikaymm i really dont think thr is particular reason i even as k my family :-D its something coming from past generations some says a bride doesnt look like a bride without a nose pin it just looks beautiful dats really all