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Okay, so former street artist KAWS might be the dictionary definition of a 'sell-out'. His work is all over shirts in hip-hop music videos. His vinyl figurines are a huge hit with the Kid Robot kids. He even had a huge KAWS balloon in last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. But no matter what you might think about him, one thing that cannot be argued is his weight in the contemporary 'pop art' scene. Right off the heels of his Snoopy-inspired "Man's Best Friend" exhibit in Los Angeles, his latest solo engagement "Clean Slate" takes a 'back to basics' approach. Most of the work returns to the original imagery and motifs KAWS worked with, but now new and reimagined. The works allude to his history as both a street artist and a former Disney animator!
I don't have a problem if artists "make it big" and "sells out." As an artist myself, I would hope I could one day achieve even a fraction of his success. And by success I'm talking about the making of money through the doing and selling of my art. There's a perception that once an artist becomes mainstream, they're a sell out (i cite Mr. Brainwash), but art was, is, and will always simply be worth whatever people are willing to pay for it. I personally find some of the pieces in this exhibit tired, but that's not to say they're not "good." Thanks for the share, @danidee! I like thought-provoking cards like this. :)
Yeah I feel like once you get your own Macy's Balloon you're a big shot...
@danidee Even if you want to, your existing values and beliefs have an influence, which some would say corrupts that, right? I say as long as art is being made, we shouldn't complain too much.
@greggr I believe it! To be honest, it's really not that easy to do art for the sake of art these days.
There have been many artists who have said they only "sold out" so they can create more freely (I've heard the same from quite a few authors, too). Either way, he has some interesting work!
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