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1. His right hand is disproportionately large when compared to his body because in the Middle Ages, David was commonly said to be of "manu fortis", meaning 'strong of hand'. 2. According to his stance, David is technically left-handed. (I know that's going to make all of you left-handed people really excited.) 3. David's left arm actually broke off and cracked into three segmented pieces after a fight broke out back in 1527. (Obviously, it's repaired now, but you know you've really screwed up when almost 500 years later, people are still looking at it as one of art history's biggest 'my bads'.) 4. The statue of David is exactly 14 feet and 3 inches high, which makes us wonder how tall Goliath was. Because damn. 5. Queen Victoria of England was given her own copy of the statue in 1857, but was so scandalized by the fact the statue was naked, she commissioned the creation of a special fig leaf to cover him up.
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I love that the Queen was scandalized by it hahaha to be honest, I saw the statue in person once, and I was scandalized as well. I was also a silly 14 year old girl
Absolutely enlightening! @danidee I only knew the statues name and approximate location (Italy, I assumed) before reading this.
@greggr I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've been having fun going back to iconic art works and finding out some lesser known facts about them to share.
wait he wasnt in a 90s jpop group?
@caricakes That would be the secret sixth fact.