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i really like her in faith, i think the way she portrayed her character was really good, Yoo Eun Soo is like a loud and talkative person, but in the drama you see a different side to her were she actually cares about others,,,~ and you could also see that at a point in the episodes she's actually really scared, especially when she grips on her clothes, but acts like shes really not scared ~ Actually what i really wanted to say was that she Really suits having red hair! it looks great on her!!
yes i know~she looks so young~ in my eyes ~:D
she is so pretty and dosen‘t look like in 30s i love her acting too..fighting unni
she's pretty indeed but form ep 1 to 8 like wanna stop watching coz of her....i can't feel or c the chemistry between her and lmh..i dunno!!...just finished ep 9 and 10 best ep so far!..
i really like here tooo! and i think the queen is really cool! her acting is really great and its so romantic how she loves the king but he doesnt seem to know ~
i think she is really pretty, i don't get why people keep referring to her as old, she is only in her 30's. I like her portrayal of the character. I'm really enjoying her character development
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