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Deadpool Movie Confirmed For 2016!

YES!!! It's true, it's really happening, we will be getting a movie about the single greatest threat to the forth wall DEADPOOL!!!! And if you don't know who Deadpool is, basically he's a joke hero whose power is literally breaking the forth wall. He's AWESOME and an entire movie about him is kind of the best ever. Just watch the clip and you'll understand why what I'm talking about XD
@pixiedust I approve of your husbands taste
This looks like something I'll need to see, I know my husband will want to go!
@AgentCory He's old enough, in college, actually! Thanks
@AgentCory he'll be glad to hear it!
@greggr not sure how old your son is but the movies supposed to be rated PG13 so it should be great for him!