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This is so cool!! There's so many Myers-Briggs Personality charts, but I haven't seen one on Sailor Moon. I secretly was hoping mine was Sailor Moon. I should have known though, since I'm not extroverted haha. Either way this is cool. I'm an INFP (Tuxedo Mask) which one are you? If you haven't taken the test you can find one here:
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lol my man is star maker (can't remember his/her earth name) the funny thing about my man being a Starlight is that he spent a few years as a woman trying it out but went back to being a guy at the end lol
I'm sailor moon. haha I've actually grown out my hair to do her for my cosplay next year. (yes, I'm a natural blonde and it took me 3 years to get it that long)
I got Chibiusa lol
I got Saturn and Renee but I can't read them
never mind I got Saturn read that wrong