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On February 23rd, 2012, 31 North Korean defectors garnished the attention of South Korea and the international community. The deep sense of gloom of North Korean defectors cannot be forgotten, even on the other side of the jail cell's bars. 31 North Korean defectors were forcibly repatriated to North Korea in spite of cries for mercy from the international community. Repatriated North Korean defectors face torture, starvation, forcible labor, disease and public execution. Nevertheless, many North Korean continue to escape from North Korea, looking for a way to survive in the face of horrible suppression and constant surveillance under North Korean authorities. Why do they continue to attempt escape when met with the unspeakable nightmare of forcible repatriation? What makes them risk their lives to cross the border? This documentary recounts testimonies of North Koreans exposing grave violations of human rights by the North Korean authorities and the process of escape from North Korea by those longing for survival and freedom.
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This looks like a very powerful documentary. Thanks for sharing this with us, I will be watching this later today.
This is so horrifying. I hope things change there soon.