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The two dogs in the photo above were dropped off at a central Florida animal shelter within a day of each other. They became instant best friends. "They are still connected at the hip. They walk side by side," says their new mom, Ronda Chewning. "They even eat side by side." The dogs were being held in a kill-shelter and their date to be euthenized was coming quickly. One woman felt that she needed to do something, even though she had no plans on adopting two pets. She took a leap of faith, adopted the pair, and now they live happily in her home. They've inspired over $8,000 of donations to the shelter and have even found a new friend...the family's miniture Maltipoo :)
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awesome! I hope there are many stories like that!
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I love good news like this!
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That last picture is so precious!
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If humans can do it why can't we???
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