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I didn't know what I wanted to eat so I ended up at Arby's getting a reuben and turkey sandwich. Oh my, it was huge so I managed to eat half and save the other half for @mrjockX b/c I know how much he loves it, lolz (*_*)
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@danidee ive never had a reuben sandwich before until i went to arby's and my friend recommended that i stack it along with turkey in case the sauerkraut was a little too tangy for me. im glad i took his advice b/c now that's how i eat my reuben sandwich and yes, i like it a lot, i hope you will give it a try...
@mrjockX i did nothing but made ppl hungry, see look at @pixiedust now she wants a curly fry, (*_*)
ah....thats poison.
psh whatever woman. as far as I know none of those are permanent. " crosses fingers" if you're feeling frisky why don't you try the meat mountain. idk what the price is for it there but here the sandwich alone is 10 bucks. has every meat they sale on it. looks nasty to me lol. oh no I haven't tried it. @cheerfulcallie
@mrjockX you need to quit yapping, just b/c something dont look appetizing to you dont mean it dont taste good!! says, the guy who dont even like turkey?!?!