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Here's a cool guide to create your own flavors of infused water! Just mix ingredients from this list and enjoy! Herbs, Spices and Botanicals mint • basil • rosemary • lavender • thyme • ginger • cinnamon • sage • rose petals • vanilla • lemongrass • cardamom • parsley • lemon verbena • cilantro • cloves • cardamom • hibiscus • black pepper • chammomile • lemon verbena • stevia AND MORE Fruit and Veggies strawberries • blackberries • blueberries • raspberries • cherries • pineapple • watermelon • cucumber • orange • lemon • lime • grapefruit • watermelon • cantaloupe • honeydew • mango • grapes • pear • apples • peaches • plums • nectarines • blood orange • meyer lemon • tangerines • pomegranate • kiwi • carrots • celery • peppers • fennel AND MORE Optional Add-ins: sweetener chia seeds coconut water sparkling water R E C I P E : For infused water, there really is no recipe, exactly. There are no right or wrong measurements, it’s all based on taste and what you have on hand. Generally, you just add all of the ingredients to a pitcher or jar (or glass), slightly mashing up any fruit to release their juices. You should also bruise the leaves of any herbs (in your hands) to release the natural extracts and oils. Finally, top with some filtered water and enjoy! The longer it sits, obviously the better and stronger the flavor will be.
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I would have never thought of adding rose petals but I love rose water and rose tea! This is an awesome card!
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I bought a water infused pitcher a few months ago and I love making different water combinations. I think blueberry is one of my favorites. It makes the water purple!
3 years ago·Reply
I love all these ingredients. I am going to go crazy with this card haha
3 years ago·Reply
Fabulous inspiration!
3 years ago·Reply
very nice
3 years ago·Reply