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Last Saturday I attended a Koinmo experience exclusive event for Kpop supporters. The cost is 50,000 won but for us it is free. It's called Misuda and the program includes wearing hanbok, traditional craft making, and tea ceremony experience. This is the best Kpop supporter event I've been to so far because not only it's a great traditional experience program I got to meet many great people there. It was so much fun taking photos of each others in Hanbok. We made jegi and it's similar to a badminton birdie only it's made of paper with hangul written on it. You use the side of your foot to hit it. Kinda like soccer. We have similar sport like that in Vietnam as well. After that we had a tea ceremony lesson. The teacher taught us how to bow first and the names of different bows and manners. I had experience with Japanese tea ceremony so it was interesting to compare the two. We even got to eat pretty and delicious snacks and listen to the traditional music at the same time. The 3 ladies who played are so pretty. They played Arirang for us at first and then the main OST of Yi san drama. It was AMAZING. Like such a beautiful and moving music can be created with instruments made of wood and strings. After this I seriously consider learning tea ceremony and the gayageum for real.
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