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anyone knows where I can watch it live?
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i'm hoping that there would be more twist on the ending for finale rather than airport scene T^T scripwriter-san i begged youu >_>''
@gabjumz u're right :-) it definitely shows how much hyuga needs natsui:-) But its heartbreaking that they doubled up the sadness hyuga experiencing also with the mum's scene... :( T^T
I was shocked when i read here that they parted ways in this episode but then i realized that there is still the last episode so it chased away my worries... they'll be together in the end and they will have a happy ending.. @bix2anca... you got a point there... it's the logical answer...
My favourite part of this episode was OGURI SHUN IN AN H&M STOREEEEEEE!!!!! *fangirls over shun AND H&M* :D