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Because there's no better game than to take a pee or poop in the toilet. :/ *There is a typhoon in here and classes were suspended, so it's the perfect time to check out some simulator games on Google Play Store. And yes, I'm bored. That's why. VR Toilet Simulator was develop by LocoVR. This is a free app so you can go ahead and check it out. My first question is, why do I keep my pants on while sitting on the toilet? lol But I admit, it was pretty funny (especially the sound effects). Had a few laughs. Hahaha. P.S. I will not put any verdict on simulator games. Check it at your own risk. Haha. What do you think of this app? Share your thoughts. Over and out!
This is for real?! HAHAHA
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@sophiamor It really is! :))
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