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Big Decision Time: What to Ask Yourself
Chris Guillebeau's blog shared a very interesting post about what to consider when making a big life decision. Now, this will differ for everyone, but I thought it's worthwhile to consider what others think about when trying to make a choice. First, Chris's list: - What’s the worst thing that can happen? - What’s the best thing that can happen? - How do I feel about this choice? - What doors will close if I pursue this choice? - Why am I hesitant or indecisive over making this choice? - If I don’t make this choice, will I always regret it? My own additions: - Am I going to hurt someone if I make this choice? - Will I hurt myself if I choose this option? - Will it really make a difference if I choose A or B? Why? Lastly, questions that Chris's followers would ask are included in the images! How about you: what questions do you think are important to ask yourself when making big life decisions?
This is super helpful :) I would ask myself: Does this choice align with my values, goals, and dreams?
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This is a great reminder and a really excellent addition @TechAtHeart!
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sounds like good advice c:
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@TechatHeart Great questions! Knowing your dream really can guide you better than trying to fight with your head too much. @pixiedust Indeed it was a good addition! @AgentCory I hope it helps you as you continue through high school.
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