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Yeo gin-gu is going to be so beautiful when he grows up. Sigh. I mean, he’s already most of the way there, but 15-year-old Yeo Jin-gu still has a bit of growing up to do, as we noonas and ajummas should probably keep in mind for the near future. (Fifteen!) Yeo Jin-gu has been cast in a new drama, which is great news; he was probably the surprise star of his last drama, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, since he did such a lovely job grounding the character in his teenage ardor and heartbreak. (It helps that he exited the drama early enough to avoid the frustrating back-and-forth-and-back-again that characterized his character in later years.) He’ll be teaming up with his Moon/Sun co-star Kim So-hyun, who was most recently seen in the short-and-sweet tween drama Ma Boy. The drama is an MBC Wednesday-Thursday melodrama called I Miss You, and it’s about a man and woman who are first loves (of course), whose love story is likened to a round of “hide and seek.” So while these two kids may have been a mismatched pairing in Moon/Sun—seriously, she was the lonely wife whose dark energy was so strong that he basically had a heart attack anytime he tried to consummate the union—they’ll be on the right side of Fate this time around as the main pairing. By which I mean: They’ll have a lot of pain and heartbreak, but at least this time it’ll be worth it? Yeo Jin-gu plays a character who seems reserved and taciturn, but that’s covering up his hurt and lonely spirit. He meets and falls in love with our heroine, played by Kim So-hyun, and that painful first love stays with him as an adult. I Miss You hasn’t yet cast the adults who’ll take over the story from Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun, but I’ll bet we hear something soon. It replaces Arang and the Magistrate for an October premiere. i wonder who the adults stars will be? credits to: db.com
yeah me too.. at his young age he already appeared in so many dramas... he's so cute up until now..
I love this kid!!!