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So I was able to watch RMPW's ep yesterday thanks to Ahpheng's tip. Since so many people on Vingle are doing live recap for kdrama I will do live recap for the last ep if there are 100 people request for it in the comment of this card. Since I've never done live recap before and it seems like a real challenge watching it on the computer and writing what happens at the same time, I want to make sure there's enough demand for it.
courage!!!! i want to watch ep 11 as soon possible!!!!thanks a lot!!!!!
thanks a lot!!
what's the tv network?
it's disappointing that not even 50 people request. I thought RMPW has more fans than 100. I feel bad for people who look forward to it and I guess it's a good way to end this drama with a live recap so here it is . Please share the link and comment
Ditto, would love it if you did a live recap! I'm trying to watch on Keyhole however the episode isn't going to make much sense to me as I don't understand Japanese lol!
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