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My 40 m.p.h. crash, hence the blown out shoelace, and then some sick raw runs shot by Cameron Stidwell. The podium shot is here as well. Check out more American Sideshow music on their sound cloud profile. http://m.soundcloud.com/american-sideshow #longboarding #metal #crash High Voltage: http://youtu.be/CA7KBpJvmv8
YES PLEASE @0BryceMcGarity0! I need to skate the gnar soon or I will die :.( we gotta go hit something that will pucker my poo poo. Dead Indian, Upper McAndrews.. Hell even Starlight, I don't care as long as it's not Amerman or B Street... Maybe I'm just too couped up right now. damn I need to chill out :p
Do I sense a DHP session coming up? @KTM2014
That sounds like a plan man. What we got to do find hills that radical around here! I really want to hit the closed roads in GP
We gotta hit ham agin this summer!@KTM2014
Sorry about the wierd frames, NBA and shaky words. I thought the youtube edit thing would be alright. fts