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the show starts outside panda cafe.. won il receives news that stepdad has copied hedgehog designs again.. hedgehog comes out and gives won il a good look.. H: your face has become uglier.. its choi jae gyum again..he copied again..didn't he? W: yes..they copied for the advertisement..we suddenly got the advertisement work..we never got the macaroons project" D:"looks like suddenly i'm an important person to choi jae gyum" W: "how can you joke right now?" panda comes out running asking hedgehog that the customers wants some macaroons for guests who wouldn't attend the celebration... hedgehog:"how pretty can she be?" (isn't the guy doing way too much for 30 day anniversary) the customer overhears..the customer has full faith in hedgehog and hedgehog is off to work to prove himself.. with his assistant won il!!! :D panda: "if work goes this well, i can repay my debt..and aunt's and may be give a loan to the bank" LOL won il asks how hedgehog can bake in a situation like this.. hedgehog says should i lose the order too..even by complaining,what will they achieve? the customer comes back to the store to collect his cellphone and overhears won il and hedgehog talking about stepdad stealing the design (please, say you're from the media mr.customer??) hedgehog says that stepdad is playing unfair as in a fair competition he can never win..won il says that there is no such thing as fair competition.. he shouldn't just stand there and get beaten again and agian by stepdad.. donghae is edgy..and kinda sad.. H:"even if i want to beat choi gae gyum and burn saint honore down, i'll still grit my teeth and bear it" W:"why are you bearing all this? i'm angry but you're probably angrier than me.. you used to turn everything upside down when you used to get mad.. what happened to you now?why are you letting them take from you?" H:"because compared to you i have nothing..i have lost a lot..i can fight with you in fun but not with others..because if i fight with others i should be ready to lose everything" won il is dumbstruck...and asks him not to bake in a mad mood..hedgehog says he won't give up as there is a customer who trusts him..and a patisserie who cannot please a customer is not a patisserie mr.customer has heard everything and leaves.. donghae is bothered by the events.. and recites his mantra.. "maculinea teleius........" (does anybody knows why he recites this??) he tightens his fist and swallows his anger... won il gets ceo's ha in ho's card and goes to meet him.. hedgehog watches him leave and mutters :" you're helping me as a friend but i don't know how to protect you" won il meets ha in ho (advertising guy)..he tells that stepdad had given him animal shaped macaroons..the advertising guy had not liked stepdad's macaroons and hence had hence given hedgehog a seems that you're here as a friend of hedgehog and not saint honore's president.." seems like unfair stepdad used unfair tricks and connections to send macaroons to the cosmetic company before hedgehog..even the adveryising guy was tricked and he couldn't risk his job for hedgehog..he says even won il can't help hedgehog..won il is clearly unhappy..and recites the same hedgehog's mantra! (may be it's won il's dad's mantra..hedgehog learnt from his videos) panda and won yi are admiring hedgehog..when won yi arrives!! they are actually thinking of biting hedgehog when they finally notice won il.. lols!! then the mr.customer and his date arrives..hedgehog and won il rush upstairs.. panda says that you can run as fast as you want but your eyes are all for me...everyone is awestruck by her beauty..panda is shocked to see her guys jaw opened...and tries to block their view..but they ignore her.. ROFL panda takes her men to the room and tell them to stay there but they refuse..they're too excited to meet the girl.. the couple receives presents from hedgehog..and are introduced..won il tries to impress her by speaking japanese..but she knows korean!! she's mina,japan's famous actress (in real) and won yi is superexcited....panda is jealous! the rivals sit out at night praising the actress..when hedgehog's hyung tell him that they have been kicked out by panda and might get disqualified in dating contest..they hurry to meet MINA!!! (boys will be boys) hedgehog finds the car..and hot wire it so they can hurry back to meet mina. the guys return..and are met by an interrogating panda (i so want to say "gabbar style" but sadly you all would not be knowing gabbar) both the guys are disqualified and panda declares she won't ever date the two!!  the guys are discussing things when panda blasts in "are you two dating.. you have same taste in girls and hang out together all night..why don't you just be together?" W: "things are going to be tough from tomorrow.. i think i shouldn't come..will you miss me?" H:"yes..i'll be lonely without you.. lets go out together" (won il-blank face!!) W:"what..i was just being nice" H:"let's date" W:"bye" H:"see you tomorrow assistant" (omg..i love the bromance here..everyone in this show is so innocent) stepdad poses for the ad (evil..evil).. he wants a model to pose with him (huh!!) eun bi and glasses worry about won il..well eun bi is more worried of won il being snatched away grandpa is looking at cheyyblossom and her son's missing poster when won yi arrives..and they eat!! dong gu calls hedgehog to inform him about the stolen car.. and gives hedgehog relationship "out of mind out of sight".."face her in an evoking atmosphere at late hour"(he's not bad on advices!!) hedgehog actually finds him better than grandpa!! a man shows grandpa and cherry blossom some pictures of a middle aged men.. one they don't know but on seeing the other they're edgy and when the grandpa pushes them about the guy..grandpa says:"why are you bringing a dead man up? why do you ask her..she's already paid for it..stop treating her like a criminal..she has served her sentence" she even broke out of jail to look for her son and got added sentence..the guy(most probably hedgehog's dad) has been changing names and identities and committing crimes..and mom was in jail in vain.. i didn't get the part but seems like mom accidentally killed dad..who didn't really die but recovered in some asylum and has been faking ever since.. and now detective is out hunting him down and asks for cooperation... eun bi clicks snaps of dad trying to kiss an employee..who doesn't want to.. at panda cafe.. W:what took you so long? H:"did you miss me?" W:"why would i miss you?" H:"then why do you whine on seeing me?" there's a customer.. a little girl with a piggy bank.. the girl is sharp..panda calls hedgehog "unloyal looking oppa!!" she orders a cake that tastes like jajangmyun (black bean noodles).. H:"oppa isn't a person who makes noodles" girl:"i know..if i needed noodles i would have gone to a noodles shop..why do you think i'm here?" H:"if you want jajangmyun tasting cake first eat noodles then eat cake" (really donghae, how smart!!*chuckle*) the guy the little girl likes started liking another gal who promised him a fried pork flavoured cake for his b'day.. the girl calls won il ajhussi and won il is like "why i am ajhussi.. i too am oppa like hedgehog" LOL the girl calls him lollipop.... (omg..this little girl is way smarter than the three!!) aunt tells panda about hedgehog losing the ad work..the boys are off to a Chinese restaurant to eat black bean noodles and panda tells them to take care..the boys look back in disbelief :D the boys are back together ..and i'm always ROFLing when they're together..donghae scoffs saying why the boy (the little girl likes) like normal things like chocolate,candies etc..won il says he's better than them bcoz two girls are fighting over her.. H:"should we get coaching from that kid?" W:"i said that first" H:"no i did" W:"i mentioned him.." W:"you better take me when you go meet the boy" H:"am i crazy..we're rivals" W:"you always do that in important situations" H:"suddenly these noodles are so tasty" and then the bicker like kids.. threatening with their chopsticks sweet!! (i love it that these guys are such good friends now that they forget they're rivals..i love their innocence and simple-mindedness) panda makes noodles for hedgehog and hedgehog wonders why she's all good again when she had disqualified him..she asks why he didn't tell her about the ad..and he says that rejection isn't something to brag about..panda tries to cheer him up by saying his macaroons were the best and even mina was impressed.. H:" impressed mina which means they're good" panda scoffs (there's an indian hit oneself with an just did that gal) H:"what a mood swing panda?.. why did i start dating her? ahh...." and next day we have panda macaroons!! (what a way to fix things.. awwww... ) aunt tells panda she's fortunate to have hedgehog because most men get grumpy at their own faults rather than make panda macaroons!! and then aunt shows panda the list from the last episode where hedgehog had tried to guess panda's like and dislikes..they are enjoying the macaroons when eun bi arrives looking for won il.. won il isn't there..and hedgehog is like "you should have called if you weren't coming irresponsible of an assistant" (hedgehog misses him <3<3) he's checking something on his says "winner of round 1:seung ji" panda comes to hedgehog complaining about eunbi.. H:"if you don't want to fight eun me" panda says no..panda thinks her life was simpler with no men around.. H:"you just had to like me..why bring won il into this and suffer" (so strait forward!!) P:"so why didn't you show me that you liked me? why did you have to wait till won il liked me and complicate things?" (backfire) HEDGEHOG PULLS HER TO HIS LAPS.. (as shown in the picture) H:"lets kiss while there is nobody around" P:"huh" H:"lets do it" P:"this is foul play..this is your first warning,.. if i have to give a third i'll go and date won il" H:"then let's kiss thrice and then you can go and see won il" P:"it's alright ..i'm not an easy woman" panda attempts to get up but he pulls her back H:"i'm not an easy man either" episode ends..on the lap!! preview: hedgehog:"he doesn't even know the three characters of his name..just because panda is good to him, he doesn't know what to do?" Panda:"let me think through why i'm like i already like hedgehog?" H to P: "do i have any right to like you..i need time to think?" today's buffering just killed me..but i completed.. if you like it do comment would be a motivation for me to write again.. this show is full of innocence and is as sweet as the cakes in it... i hope there are more panda and hedgehog lovers like this is neaa..signing off!!
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@neaa: hehehe... will do... thanks for an awesome recap! :)
if you do find such recruit me!!
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