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Brazilian man finds a huge snake in a river. The snake happens to be eunectes notaeus (also known as the yellow anaconda) which is a boa species endemic to South America. Eunectes is latin for good swimmer, so these snakes like to swim in the rivers. Female versions of these snakes have reportedly been larger than 15 feet in some cases.
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@AgentCory you got me cracking up, Nicki Minaj, Anaconda....hahaha!!!!
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I like the anaconda video..better in slow motion.
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@mrjockX which anaconda video? this one or Nicki Minaj? hahaha!!
3 years ago·Reply
nick minaj's you know it! :p @cheerfulcallie
3 years ago·Reply
Seriously lucky for them that it just ate because that could have ended SO badly
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