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"Most cyclists get angry when you endanger their life. If you find cyclists to be angry people, you're a bad driver." Not only does this fellow make a bad and dangerous pass on the cyclist, but the moment he knock on his window, the driver's instant reaction is to turn his wheel towards the cyclist and try to drive over him. No surprise the cyclist got angry and gave him some verbals then.
Can't believe that guy tried to run him over again
I caught a guy who pulled out in front of my wife and I. When I tap on the side of his car he was really surprised that I caught him... He then told me we were riding in the middle of the road and I told yeah we can f-in do that! Then I gave him an F-Bomb laced lesson in right of way! He didn't like that I caught him and looked pretty scared... I guess he did know cyclist can ride 30 mph LOL! I think he'll give it a second thought before he pulls that crap again...
Wow, Amazing! Really?