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Jeter is wrapping up his career, and though I didn't follow him closely, I still feel like he is one of the greatest players out there, especially for all he does off the field. My grandfather was a huge Jeter fan till his final days, so I never stopped hearing about how he is one of the best ALL AROUND players ever. Maybe not the best in each category, but when you look at his defense, offense, hustle, clutchability, playoff play,and baseball sense, he was one of the best if not the best according to grandad. Fan or not, this video showing the effect that one player can have on one city and it's people. Goodbye Derek; the fans won't forget you!
@danidee @caricakes Yeah I think we'll still be seeing him around if if not on the field
He'll be missed! Hopefully he still puts out calendars because my house wouldnt be the same without at least one jeter calendar!
I still can't believe this is happening! I remember when he was a rookie.