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You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst! Finally, this game had been ported on our Android devices! I played the pc version of this and its so awesome and funny at the same time. For those who didn't know this game, you'll play the role of a "certified" surgeon named Nigel, who knew NOTHING about performing a surgery. Your task is to complete the operation and manage poor Bob to live. And oh! One thing, this is a simulator of medical malpractice. :P Some of the surgeries to perform: - Heart transplant; - Double Kidney transplant; - Teeth transplant; - Eye transplant. This game was developed by Bossa Studios Ltd. and costs Php 293.00 (USD 6.58) on the playstore. I'm going to rate this 5/5. You SHOULD try it. :) This was the 5th and last game I played on my "simulator marathon" day. You can check other simulator games on my collection. What do you think of this game? Share your thoughts. Over and out!
I've seen people play this in like lets play on YT there's an app now?! Gotta get it!!!
@naokiplays so cool, I've really gotta play it sometime
@AgentCory yeah it was in android and ios now