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i just finished ep 8,! its so interesting, Yoo Eun Soo was meant to be taken by Choi Young and nobody else,,,~ so that guy that Hwata , do you guys think that he came from the modern world learned medical skills, then time traveled back to past??! or do you guys think that he lived in the "past" then went in the portal then went to the "future" and then learned the modern day medical skills,~ if everyone thinks about it, its actually pretty complicated, it said that he went into the portal 1000 before, so he definitely had to go in to the future and learned his skills. did Hwata go so much into future that he went to 2012, saw Yoo Eun Soo, and just magically saw that see was destined to, like him traveled to the past, / and then there is this other thing like~ is one day in the "past" equal to 1 day in the "present"?!? or does time not change when you leave the place to go back to the future, will Yoo Eun Soo come back to the present day of 2012 having nothing in her life changed at all? and maybe possibly is there a chance that Yoo Eun Soo and Hwata is related? ancestors?is that why she was destined to go back? idk,~
so excited for the next episode =)
very good i think...just cant wait for ep 13 to come