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1. Cher sort of helped him quit smoking. 2. He, like everyone else, is entranced by the Muppets. 3. The only people who still call Slash by his birth name are the police, even his family calls him by his infamous stage name! 4. He’s such a fan of horror he actually produces horror films. 5. He's as confused as we are about the "November Rain" video. 6. Slash and says L.A. nightlife isn't his “thing” and he’d rather stay home. 7. He is an avid reader, my kind of celeb! 8. His first guitar was a Spanish flamenco acoustic guitar. 9. He's thought about cutting his hair every summer, but really I would too if I had all those curls!
Hahahah #5....glad I'm not the only one.
I love Slash!! His guitar solo in November Rain is one of my favorites.
@MelJones oh no worries at all, I completely understand! It becomes a habit after a while, mostly I just wasn't sure I was remembering where he was born correctly.
Hi pixidust. You are absolutely right. I am PC conditioned such that I have all but removed the word black from my vocabulary when speaking that it sometimes becomes a problem. Than you for politely my misinformation rather than slamming me in a reply.
@MelJones wasn't he born in England though?
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