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What NYC Looks Like To A Bike Messenger:
I understand the need for messengers, especially in big cities. They really can get things delivered in the quickest way and every minute they save is more money. That being said, I don't think I agree with people riding this way just for the fun of it.
I ride the subway to work and even I admit to being an asshole :)
@kylemoore lol then again everyone that drives or commutes to work In NY are assholes.
@galinda Hahaha. But it's okay to be an asshole on the subway, cause we aren't fighting a constant battle for subway-rider acceptance. Subway-riders are accepted as a welcome and nessecary part of the city transportation infrastructure. Cyclists have not been given that level of acceptance yet. We are still seen as pests and dangers, mostly because of riding like what's in this video.
Should be renamed "3 minutes of two guys riding like assholes, making people hate cyclists."