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Music This Week 05/21-05/27
Dope'Doug -Conor Heeseong -On the Road Youngchan Kwon -Goodbye, Universe A.C.E -CACTUS Romantic Punch -Fantasy Express Nishi Nakajima Kinoko + 3776 & Yasuda Yoshida -EDM popcorn GOT7 -MY SWAGGER SEVENTEEN -Don't Wanna Cry Anthem -The Artery Song Shin Hyun Woo -So Amazing (Version 1) Shin Hyun Woo -So Amazing (Version 2) MeiMei Jane -FOREVER LOOΠΔ/Kim Lip -Eclipse OHNEW -Because I Like You Sundae -The Star Kwang Yeob -Ding! I Got It MAP6 -I'm Ready TARIN -Coffee Ending iKON -BLING BLING Loco -MOVIE SHOOT Loco -DA DA DA B.HEART -It's Good B.I.G -HELLO HELLO Mayday -Life of Planet COOL JAE HOON LEE -Peter Pan SPACECOWBOY -Healer LUTTO -JINGLE Seo Young Do Electric Ensemble -A Crooked World Kwon Seon Young -Call Me SOHEE -Spotlight Goretexx, Black Nut, HAN YO HAN -Silky Bois Jeong Yeon Soo -The Moon Is Bright Today FAKY -Someday We'll Know SKY-HI -Silly Game Kriesha Chu -Trouble RAINBOW99 X NWIT -Tele-vision RAINBOW99 X NWIT -Dawn, morning RAINBOW99 X NWIT -8mm Urban Zakapa -ALONE Eric -Never Lost Love Hanao -The country corridor Neil x Big Banana - Fadeaway (Gone) STRIKE AGAIN -Into the Dead Out of Town -Jorney Home K2 -I Can Only Hear Your Eyes S2U -I Can't Sleep (ZZZ..) Damsonegongbang -Be In Front Of Me Kim Da Ae -Beautiful Day YEZI -Anck Su Namum Yong Yong - Scribbling Yoo Yong Min -Nobody Knows KNK -Sun.Moon.Star KYUHYUN -Goodbye for now Loco -Too Much Fluffy -Love Fireworks 45 -SCENE #1 Nam Taehyun (South Club) -Hug Me JOO -Late In The Morning flower -Days Lovers Lucia -Song Of Candle Dripping Dumfoundead -Water (26th) Dumbfoundead -Upgrade Dumbfoundead -Send Me To War Loco -Brighten Your Night 24K -Only You FTISLAND -Love Sick