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There is no escape. No other option but to complete his mission. Like Jonah who went down to the port of Jaffa, just to find out that there is no refuge from the word of God. "Tomorrow, before the holiday enters, I will be dead on the cross", his own words echo in his head now. He looks at his disciples, sleeping under the old olive trees. How can they sleep now? How is it that none of them stayed with him on his last night in this life? What difference does it make now? Most of them will forget him the moment he will be gone, and the others - Peter, Mary Magdalene, his step brother James, it is probably that they understand that the cup of poison was already given to him, and there is nothing they can do now. Let them sleep then. A thin thread of white light breaks at the east. He can hear voices. He can hear the only one who knows the whole true story says, "There they are! now let me bring him to you. "
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I started reading your most recent cards and now I want to start from the beginning. This story is so interesting!